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August 21, 2020

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Greetings Julian Curtiss Families!

Mrs. Brush, Mrs. Maniscalco, the intrepid custodial team, and I have been in the building preparing for the return of our teachers and students. The teachers will be joining us on Thursday, August 27th to embark on an in-depth seven day professional learning journey. We are determined to welcome our students back to school feeling safe and excited!

It is our goal to keep you as informed as possible. On August 28th, we will release a Julian Curtiss School video that will include our back to school plans. Our video will share important changes and updates regarding our routines and procedures including arrival, entrances, dismissal, lunch, and our visitation policy that will support the social distancing efforts outlined in the GPS Back to School Re-Entry Plan.

Please know that if you have enrolled your child in remote learning, you will not receive a class list from Julian Curtiss School. If you opted for remote learning, Greenwich Public Schools will send the name of your child's remote learning teacher to you prior to the start of the school year because the teacher may not be a Julian Curtiss School teacher.

If you have any questions please feel free to email or Enjoy the rest of the summer and stay tuned for additional information in upcoming school newsletters!


Mrs. McGuire

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Attached you will find a supply list for each grade level for in-school learning. We usually provide an opportunity for parents to buy these supplies in the spring but that opportunity was lost during our quarantine. You can purchase these supplies any store of your choice. For your convenience, Target, Staples, and TeacherLists will have a copy of our Julian Curtiss lists by using the links below.

You can also click on the button below to see the supply list by grade level. Within the list are links to individual items at Staples should you wish to start shopping on your own.

Please make sure ALL supplies are labeled with your child's name. In addition to the supplies on the list, we highly recommend students have a spare mask in their backpacks.

If you are able and willing to purchase a second set of supplies for a family in need please email me and let me know what grade level you will be purchasing. I will keep a list of donated supplies and make sure that they are distributed to a family who would benefit. If you would like to make a donation with a Staples or Target Gift Card those are welcome as well. You can mail them or drop them off at school and we will distribute to the appropriate families.

Thank you,

Mrs. McGuire

Julian Curtiss Supply List 2020-2021

Click here for supply lists by grade level.

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These five words say everything about what we as teachers, administrators, and families need to do for this next school year. We all need to work TOGETHER to make sure we are creating a safe environment for the wellbeing of our community and our town. Learning will also be positively impacted when we work TOGETHER. Teachers are the experts on the curriculum, but parents are the experts on their own children. Make sure that you are taking the time to make notes on how the remote learning last spring affected your child, and how his or her summer has gone as well. Whether your child is learning in the physical school building or learning remotely, your child’s teacher will need your help in getting to know your child to help them best. Be willing to share with the teacher whether they reach out with a survey or in person. Develop a relationship with your child’s teachers so that both of you can make sure that you are supporting your child and their learning in the best way possible.

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