Heartbreak Harold

Is Love Really A Good Thing?

Love Isn't Lovely

New all this week, a young girl is facing the difficulties of growing up, like getting evalutated for a marriage pair, moving out, or falling in love with someone you shouldn't. Lena and her best friend, Hana, live in a small town of Portland and it isn't everyday you see someone catching feelings for someone else AKA have Deliria. Lena and her boyfriend, Alex, must hide and keep everything a secret from everyone they know, or don't know. Find out in theaters near you on December 17 if and how they survive the loveliest disease. Running away? Dying? See for yourself!

"Don't trust just anyone, especially if you love them."

Behind The Electric Fence

Recently there has been more and more sightings of "Invalids" beyond the electrified border, but how do they not get die with millions of shocks running through their veins? That's simple, there's none. About two weeks ago a young unpaired couple, Lena Galloway and Alex, was spotted late in the moonlight crawling back and forth from the Wilds. Things can get hectic now that Brian will disagree with her actions, especially with some boy who works at the Crypts. The only thing left to say is, how many are right before our own eyes and not even realize it?

Cupid Shot Him For Sure!

Upcoming, we cover the tragic love story of Alex Sheathers, a love of Lena Halloway. Alex was last last seen with her by the Electric Fence, they were trying to get on the other side to get to the Wilds. Guards soon caught them both, but Lena managed to fight her way over. Alex wanted that. He needed her to be safe and somewhere where she's allowed to love, even if that means he can't be with her. The guards shot Alex down while Lena ran away, maybe to somewhere her mom could possibly be.
Puzzled Love

Crossword Puzzle

I Can't Believe It's Not Butterflies!

Feeling insects in your intestines but aren't old enough, don't have the money or time to get a shot? Terrified that this is the first symptoms of Deliria? I Can't Believe It's Not Butterflies! or ICBINB can help you! It's a fast easy process that takes only 3 minutes and it's gentle enough for a wide variety of people. It comes with a heat pad you wrap securely around your stomach. The heat calmly terminates the butterflies. Get yours before we sell out! Call 1-800-ICBINB or visit www.icbinb.com now!

Help Wanted

HELP WANTED FOR NIGHT SHIFT AS FENCE GUARD. Recently, Invalids have getting in and out of Portland, especially near the Electrified Fence. We are looking for tough men 17-40 years old to guard our night shift. Contact us ASAP at 1-800-NOLOVE. Keep your city safe, Portland. Sleep with your eyes open. Many have failed, will you?

Newspaper Project by Estefania Vera