Andrew Jackson

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Killing the National Bank!

Jackson did not like the idea of a national bank. It was benefiting the wealthy, which Jackson did not like at all. Jackson killed the bank to help out the common man, through using his presdential veto. This sent the economy in a downwards spiral.

Spoils system

The spoils system was a system where the supporters of the winning presidential candidate were given gov. jobs. This had caused many probelems in our government. People became upset when they were not given the job they thought they deserved. Also not many of them were fit for the job at all.

"Trail of tears"

The trail of tears refers to the trail of the Cherokee that was taken to Oklahoma after they had lost their native land. The natives were escorted by the United States Army to Oklahoma, also by some small militias but they did not treat them right. The natives lost lives along the way from the cold and disease. They got moved because of the Indian removal act signed by President Jackson, in order to keep Georgia in the union.

King Jackson

There is a political cartoon of Jackson dressed up as a King , and him stepping on a the constitution. The picture was created by the cartoonist because he believed Jackson was like a king because of the way he handled things. For example when he killed the national bank and marched the army into South Carolina, he believed Jackson was abusing his power and not following the constitution.

Southerner view on Jackson

Dear, whom it may concern

I do believe in the way President Jackson is running the country. He supports the common man and the way we do things in the South, he killed the national bank because it supports the rich in the north and now we have a chance to do our things. He lets us vote, he gave us that right. Plus he supports our way of life like our agriculture plus he had grown up int he south and knows how things are.


Billy Bob Jackson

Northerner view on Jackson

Dear, Whom it may concern

I do not believe in the way Jackson has been running the country. Especially considering the tariffs imposed in shipping goods it has really hurt our economy. Also he is crazy for killing the national bank this fools or common men in the south do not understand what he has done. This man gives them the right to vote are they even educated enough to make a good choice? All they know is how to farm and pick cotton, this man needs to stop his ways.


George Henry Adams