The Still Men

the discovery of the Terracotta Solders By: Tyler.W


Hello I bet your here to learn about terracotta solders. I will discus how they were found. How they looked and tall they were. Last I will talk about ware they are now.

Unraveling The Tomb

In 1974 a group of farmers found terracotta poetry wile dinging on subterranean area. When archaeologists saw this it gave them a interest to go and excavate there. When they were excavating the area they found a tomb and went in to it. What they found was an old Chinese Emperor's tomb with over 2000 terracotta solders in a military formation with horses and chariots. This caught the attention of other archaeologists word wide.

What Are The Still Men?

The terracotta solders have a long back story since their over 2200 years old. They were once panted but over time the paint started to decay and fall of. Each had their own hair, expression,color and even pose. Most of them were usually life size and were in military formation since most of them resembled a ancient Chinese solder. There were all kinds of terracotta solders such as: Vanguard bow men, archers, Calvary and more.

Life In A Museum

Now the terracotta solders rest in a museum on the excavation site open to the public. It opened in 2000 and houses 75 of the over 2000 terracotta solders. Now the museum is a popular site for turrets that visit China from all over the world.


There are still one question of mine unanswered like were the terracotta solders just for the tomb? I wonder if you have any questions, if you did visit china travail guide .com as i did its were i got my info from i hope you have a good day and thank you for looking over my project.