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Helpful Harmonies is honored to give you music supplies that are easy, simple, and helpful. Our workers do their best to come up with new, modern inventions that are made just for YOU. Our products are designed to improve or help you with your musical talents. Enjoy!

Super Strummer

Cushioned finger slots "stick" to our pick that solves the problem of guitarists dropping picks in the sound hole. How does it work? Velcro! Velcro on the pick and on the finger slots.

Great prices+great styles=perfection

Super Strummer Features and Options

PICKS COLORS: black, white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

PICKS SIZES: .73 mm, .56 mm, and 1.0 mm.

FINGER SLOTS SIZES: adult small, youth small, adult medium, youth medium, adult large, and youth large.

SLOTS COLORS: black and white (more to come)

PRICES:$13.95 for 4 slots and 20 picks, $6.50 for 4 slots and 12 picks, $2.99 for three slots and 2 picks

More Information about the Super Strummer

The Super Strummer works by our Velcroed picks being attracted to our also Velcroed finger slots! First sales on June 3rd, 2013 at Orange Avenue School, Cranford NJ. Hope to see you there!

Buy the Super Strummer at stores like Sam Ash, Guitar Center, Target, and our other supporters!

If your Super Strummer is broken or unsatisfying within 30 days, get a refund or a replacement. Unsatisfied? Feel free to send a letter to 901 Orange Avenue and we'll do our best to make the improvements you suggest!

Another Product from Helpful Harmonies that You Will Love

The Fold-Up Guitar! Coming in mid-2014: A guitar that folds together with a push on the top. More instruments are coming with the same technique! A price is still being decided, but start to choose whether you want one or not, and if you want acoustic, electric, or bass!!

About the Inventor: Grace

Hi! I'm Grace K. Cuddihy! President and founder of Helpful Harmonies. I am 10 years old and in 5th grade at Orange Avenue School. I play guitar and I am taught at Cranford Guitar. (Go get lessons there!) I play travel soccer for Cranford, but the season is coming to an end. How was I inspired to create the Super Strummer? Well, I love guitar, but it just kills me when I drop my pick in my guitar. So I thought, What if that happened on stage? Then, poof! The Super Strummer is born.


-The Super Strummer was originally called the Sticky Pick

-I only started guitar in early July 2012, but the Strummer was created in February 2013

-I have 2 brothers, a mom and a dad, and the only pet I ever had was a goldfish in kindergarten, which stayed alive for about a week

The P2E Invention Convention!

Monday, Jun 3rd, 7pm

Orange Avenue School, Cranford, NJ

Cranford, NJ

Come to Orange Avenue School on the night of June 3rd for the P2E Invention Convention! See Helpful Harmonies and other new, unique companies present their inventions! Be sure to "buy" the Super Strummer, explore new inventions, and just have fun! Hope to see you there!