FEMEA Winter Newsletter

Scholarships, Grants and Conference Wrap-Up

FEMEA Scholarships and Grants Available! Deadline 3/1/2019

Do you need funding for a wonderful learning opportunity for your students?

There are grants available for up to $1000.00. We have up to $2500.00 available this year.

The Dorothy Land Grant Committee is waiting for your application. Get started here: Dorothy Land Grant Informational Page. See link for past winners projects and Application Form online.

Do you have your heart set on extensive training this summer to prepare you to better serve your students? The Janice Lancaster Professional Development Scholarship fund has two $500.00 scholarships available to members with 2 or more years of membership.

Janice Lancaster Scholarship Informational Page. Follow this link for more details and Application Form online.

FEMEA Component Events at FMEA 2019 Conference

Thanks for making FMEA 2019 an amazing time for Elementary Music Education!

Amazing All-State Performances. Great Presenters. Great Teaching Ideas and Inspiration. Great Times in Fellowship with Music Specialists. Spending Time with Friends Old and New. These are the reasons we come to FMEA Conference!

If you didn't get to attend, start right now planning on attending next year. Donors Choose has funding projects for Professional Development. It IS for the benefit of your students. The students in your school deserve to have an inspired and professionally developed music teacher. Don't be afraid to ask your administrator or PTA for this investment in your students.

Florida Elementary Music Educators Association, Component of FMEA

Background photo of Tampa Convention Center and Surrounding Area by Bob O'Lary and Debby Stubing.