Jennifer,Alex,Anthony ,and Gloria

Old pencil

The wooden pencil was made by Conrad Gessner. It was invented in 1564. Wooden pencils were needed for business. They were made out of bran and wood. The pencils cost for a pack was $100.00 and for nine pencils was $9.00.


They made a new pencils to write better. Also so they can have an eraser. Conrad Gessner invented a new kind of pencil. They were invented in 1812. They cost $4.15. They are use full in all over the world. Also so they can do business and to write.
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Mechanical pencil

Led pencil

They made mechanical pencil so you won't have to sharpen a lot. They were invented in 1822 by Eduard Penkala. They were invented to make it easer to write. The led pencil are so useful people use it all the time