Over fishing is BAD!!!!!!

Help us save the Ocean.

Overview of Overfishing

Overfishing can be defined in a number of ways. However, everything comes down to one simple point: Catching too much fish for the system to support leads to an overall disrespect to the system. Overfishing is a non-sustainable use of the oceans.

Not So Fun Facts About Overfishing

  • In 1992, the Alaskan fishing fleet returned 442 million pounds of by-catch into the Ocean.

  • Shrimp trawlers annually catch about 22 billion pounds of by-catch.

  • Fishing methods also cause deaths of 61 bird fishing species of which some are endangered species.

  • Over the last 50 years predatory fish, such as sharks, swordfish, and tuna have reduced an estimated 90% in population.

  • More than 40,000 sea turtles are caught every year by fishing long lines.

How You Can Help.

The world’s fish stock is dwindling but we can still reverse it if we really want to. It may take several years and for some specie, even centuries. But the important thing is that we give them enough time to replenish. Governments are closely monitoring the fishing industry and banning illegal fishing of endangered fish. You can do your share by watching what you eat and help spreading awareness.

  • eat less fish especially Orange roughy,Haddock, Halibut, Atlantic Cod, Skate, Atlantic salmon, Sea bass, sturgeon, and Bluefin tuna.there are plenty more that are endangered these are the top 9.
  • educate other people so they are aware
  • join organizations like Greenpeace international, save our seas foundation
  • don't rely on fish as your main source of protein.other proteins you can eat are cheese, beans, potatoes, nuts, eggs, Greek yogurt,bacon, oats, green peas, and flax seed.there are plenty more ones but these are just a few.

What We Learned About Overfishing

While researching this topic, we learned many things that we had never heard before. For one, Atlantic Blue fin Tuna, as well as other species, are threatened by over fishing. i was never aware of how bad the over fishing was till i was informed with all of this information.

Ending Overfishing

Ending Overfishing

These are funny, but very true animations/comics.