My ride to shore

Katie Zaun pd 2

About Ollie the sloth

Hi i'm Ollie the sloth and I'm a mammal. I am three toed so i can get more presents for my love. I am warmblooded because my true love ally the alligator is in my heart. I need a mother for my babies because they need milk to survive and ally is perfect for the job. My dream date is me to drown in a lake and then ally comes and rescues me and rides me to shore. Ally is my second half and I hope my wish can come true

About Ally the alligator

Hi I'm ally the alligator and I'm a reptile. My favorite hobbie is swimming in lakes with friends and family. I have very dry skin so if feels good to get a load off and go swimming its refreshing. My class is coldblooded but between me and Ollie i'm warmblooded. My dream date is me drowning and Ollie comes to save me and bring me to shore, but we all know that won't happen.