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I take pride in being associated with John Jastremski at The Retirement Group L.L.C. and have worked there long enough to know what I mean. The foundation of this organization is strong because it believes in employee values and ethical behaviour, and religiously takes up regulatory compliance. Compliance is the top most priority and adhering to it is the first and last word on it; there is no getting around it. There is also a system of regular checks and feedback here, and there is no favouritism; in case of faults, there is penalization within the firm too.

there is transparency in every process as all transactions, no matter how small is monitors and checked against required compliance wonder that in such a rocky economy where financial firms come under the scanner, The Retirement Group L.L.C. has managed to survive and grow.

I clearly remember having been a part of all this while I was working there. at times i used to be highly annoyed by the situation too, as things that could be done by word of mouth had to be spelt out on paper. in fact in any corporate set up, only so much can be on paper always; getting approval for every little step seemed to question my judgement and ability to make decisions. But then, that is how it works in any responsible financial firm today, does n’t it?.on hindsight and as i have matured with time, i feel that it was the best way to go about things in the first place; its only with complete control on processes can you hope to excel in all aspects.

The one thing that I feel as if I have left behind at The Retirement Group L.L.C. are my colleagues.i have shared some epic moments with them and the same cant be said of my experiences in other firms; so the people do matter. My learning there over a span of few years was priceless. It has helped build my reputation within the industry and my integrity and work discipline are unquestioned wherever I go. at The Retirement Group L.L.C. there was always someone to guide me, but that did not mean that i wasn’t empowered to take my own decisions; they gave me the chance to make small mistakes, so i never made big ones later on. they not only honed my skills but showed me my potential and the path to peaking it.

it was good to learn from peers and seniors alike, and i did take a lot of initiatives; the red tape can be daunting but once you get through, the results can be quite heartening! it naturally feels good when the people that you work with trust your instinct and judgement, and while i had to go through a lot of people, there wasn’t any dearth of people that would listen. My confidence got a great boost and I have never looked back ever since. i truly am a successful finance guy today, all thanks to The Retirement Group L.L.C.. I have an amazing network of friends and professional in the area of finance. i feel proud to be associated with The Retirement Group L.L.C..

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