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Making the Environment Greener one step at a time.

Plastic Products

Plastic products that create pollution are a danger not just to the environment but humans/ animals as well. Here are some causes, effects, solutions and various opinions about this form of pollution.

Causes of Plastic Pollution:

  • Burning of plastic products
  • Litter
  • Chemicals and other harmful substances used in plastic products

Effects of Plastic Pollution:

  • Endangered wildlife
  • Increased risk of human diseases such as Cancer
  • Environmental issues such as global warming

Various Opinions about Plastic Pollution:

  • Most people do care but do not know how to help decrease level of plastic pollution
  • some people do not think plastic pollution is a big deal and do not think it affects them

Solutions to have less Plastic Pollution:

  • Cut disposable plastic out of everyday routines
  • Recycle
  • Clean up litter around the neighborhood

The following is a video about plastic affects and solution:

Plastic Planet

This special event is coming soon!

This is event is called Greenworks. We believe we can make a greener community one step at a time by doing small things to make the environment a healthier and better place to live in. The last Saturday of every month starting in February and ending in June will be Greenworks day. On this day of the month we will meet at our community park and pick up plastic products and as a reward be given free lunch for our hard work! At our school we will put up recycling stands every week in the front of the school until June. For every 5 water bottle recycled, a student will be given a reusable water bottle. Our goal is to have more people aware of this issue and the changes that are needed to make the community a greener place so that they will make better decisions when using plastic products.
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Saturday, Feb. 28th, 12pm to Saturday, June 27th, 3pm

5135 Fallingbrook Drive

Mississauga, ON

Agenda for each Greenworks Day

12:00-12:10 Arriving Time

12:10-12:30 Refreshments

12:30-1:00 Picking up garbage

1:00-1:10 Break

1:10-2:00 Picking up garbage

2:00-2:50 Lunch

2:50-3:00 End of event

Positive Change and Awareness

The positive change and awareness of this big issue will be decided on the number of people that come out and attend these following events from the months February to June. It will also be decided by the number of water bottles given away. Hopefully by the end of the events every month, an increased number of people will come out and help clean up the planet for a more healthier neighborhood. We hope this event will help make people realize the planet is important and to make better decisions when it comes to using and handling plastic products.

Hope We See You There!