World War II

When America changed by Raul Gallardo

Who was involved in the great war

Axis was going to war with the Allies, and fought that caused World war II.Germany, Japan, and Italy. The U.S, France,Canada, China, and many more.
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Adolf Hitler

Hitler was the leader of the Axis and killed many people, and wanted to rule the Earth. He was born in 1889 Austria. He fought and fought,and took over many countries, but died in 1945.

Key out of the Great Depression

when it was the great depression stocks went down in 1930's ,and people lost a lot of money. just imagine the most riches guy to the a homeless man in the streets.Then we got attacked in Pearl Harbor. This made America join in the war. America needed more people and made more jobs like a soldiers and got more people jobs. Thanks to the war we got out of it.
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What was America like in the war

America was in a deep trouble in the war,and before the war. The country needed help because America was in the Great Depression,and that affected a lot of people and went homeless. The entertainment was affected by the war because the baseball players were drafted into the army and cancel sports. The radio was very popular in the 1930's because wanted to know what happening in the battlefield, and get the messages that the president wants the people to know. A big event happen during the war and it's female are able to work.They build the guns, bullets, planes,and jeeps.
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Jeeps are the perfect vehicle for the war. The reason was because the car is silent in the battlefield. Every time that a jeep is destroyed two new jeeps are made. The jeep can hold seven people at a time.

How the United State of America won the war

The United States was planning something very big,and it's the biggest bomb known in the late 1930's and early 1940's. The Atomic Bomb.This is the key to victory in the war.If the bomb doesn't work ; it's going to be long war.Finally the has come in August 6,1945 the bomb was dropped in Japanese city of Hiroshima. Axis then surrendered.