Aiden Green

Perseverance is...

Perseverance is defined as if you are fighting for your goal even when you are having adversities against you. Some people persevere while others don't because the ones that don't are the ones whose goal is not strong or are not persevering hard enough.

Road to Perseverance

“C/C Perseverance Songs”

Compare and Contrast:

There is a famous song that most of people will know. “Eye of The Tiger.” This is a famous song to persevere and to not give up. This song is addressing to all people who are not and to go reach your goal. This does not tell you how to persevere but still tells you to.

On the other hand there is a song that tells you how to. It’s called “Shine” by Rollins Band. In the song they tell you that it is not time for some things and get yourself up and persevere your goal. As one of the lines in this song “It’s time to shine.” This shows that it's your time to go and get what you want.

But these songs can be similar in certain ways. Such as they talk about not giving up. Go persevere. Most of all never to stop until goal is reached. These are the main similarities of these song but there is some small ones in there that make them match up.

“Losing to Win P/S”


Some of the triumphs the girls were facing were that they felt like a family. They knew that when they went to school they will learn education life lessons and still have smile on their face. It helped them want to work hard to get good grades so they can play basketball. They lost 212 games in a row but at the end they knew they learned something.

Some of the adversities that the girls have faced were that they did not have a normal family and could not come home to a regular home with parents that take care of them. They came to home that were run down and drugs being abused and it was hard for them. There was only one person with a regular family but they were living with their friends parents. This shows us how much more that we have. You don’t realize how much more we have until you look at what they do.

“Typewriter Artist Descriptive”


I feel that this typewriter artist is doing the right thing. He does what he loves to do. He does it every day and stills loves it. He uses these symbols such as #. He can use this to shade places or even an outline. The art is beautiful and he should keep it up.

If he keeps this going someday people will think these are very creative and they can be sold for a lot of money. Such as he recreated the Mona Lisa just using symbols on his typewriter. That is CRAZY! This can definitely be sold for lots of money and can be help for sick people in need.

What we learn from perseverance

What we can learn from perseverance of others is that you never want to give up. You have to fight for what your goal is. If you don't get there you won't be happy so you should keep going.