I want that job!

Job description

adjust an athleats spinal alignment, so they can perform at the top of their game. Determine if a person vertabray is causing back pain after car accidents. Helps people stay healthy and teaches proper exercise.

One cool fact about this job

He\she makes a decent sallery, and gets to train, help, and meet athleats, gets to be in shape and have the feeling that they help people.

Benefit to society

They  relive pain in the back, helps athleats and people whom pay them, and helping athleats can help their schools win more games(makes city happy).

eduacation requirements and skills needed

bioligy, chemistry, physics, geomrty, algbra 2, pre caculious, english, buiness, communaction, analytical, precise moter skills.

personillity needed

highly observent, compassionate, good lisener, outstanding communation skills

annual salary


projected job groth

21% more than average

companys that hire

St.Elizebeth helthcare, Tennesee Medical exchange, Us army, collages