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February Update

"What's Your Future Career Night?" - Thursday, February 4

This Thursday night we want you to take time to talk with your student about their future. We have asked staff to not assign homework for this night so you have the opportunity to talk with your student. In last week's Falcon Flyer, we provided career reflection questions that you can talk with your student about. This is a great time to discuss as we head into the class scheduling process in our district. Below you will find the questions that you can use to begin the conversation this Thursday night.

1. Imagine your life five years after you graduate from high school. What challenges do you want to solve? How does this relate to a career?

2. As you consider your future, what types of options after high school have you already explored (e.g., two-year college, four year college, trades, internships)?

3. What concerns or questions came up for you as you explored?

4. To achieve your career goals, how long are you willing to go to college or other types of training?

5. What does success mean to you when it comes to a career?

6. What do you want your lifestyle to be like after high school?

7. Do your lifestyle expectations match your career and education goals? If not, what adjustments are you willing to make?

8. Share with your child how you arrived at your current occupation/career.

  • Would you choose this path again?

  • What are the positives/negatives associated with your career?

Student Attendance Information

Please take time to read the linked letter below in regards to virtual student attendance.

Student Attendance Information Letter

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Upcoming Important Dates

February 2 - JLMS PTG Fundraiser at Even Odds Pizza

February 15 - Virtual Learning Day (no in-person school)

February 26 to March 1 - No School for mid-winter break

March 15 - Virtual Learning Day (no in-person school)

March 17 & 18 - Spring Parent-Teacher Confernces

March 26 - End of 3rd Quarter

March 27 to April 5 - No School for Spring Break