Creations from the Art Room

Grades 1 - 12

April 2021

All art students are learning the 7 Elements of Art: Line, Shape, Form, Value, Color, Texture and Space!

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1st - 3rd Art students have enjoyed being inspired by illustrators from various children's books.

1st Grade

In cooperation with Mrs. Mowbray's 1st grade class, students studied Eric Carle's method of making paper to collage a seahorse.

2nd Grade

In cooperation with Mrs. Moore’s study of the rainforest, students drew and painted a toucan to add to their 2nd grade rainforest project.

3rd Grade

We read Good Boy, Fergus! by David Shannon in 3rd grade art. There were many smiles and laughs at all the activities of Fergus. We looked at how the author/illustrator captured all his antics and then students painted Fergus.

Get ready to smile.....

4th Grade

Using the art element of line and principle of design pattern, 4th grade art students created unique art.

5th Grade Inspirational Studies

5th Grade Inspirational Studies has been learning about Roman,

early Christian and Medieval art.

Students drew a cathedral and created a stained glass rose window.

6th Grade Inspirational Studies

6th Grade Inspirational Studies has been studying the artist Michelangelo.

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” Michelangelo

After studying about stone quarrying, carving and carving tools, students were challenged to do some subtractive carving themselves. We all had a true appreciation of what it was like for Michelangelo to carve a three dimensional angel sculpture.

6th A

Big picture

6th B

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6th Grade Master Study - Durer

6th A

6th B

Junior High Art

JH Art students have been working in the medium of watercolor. They have been using color theory to mix primaries, learning brush control and experimenting with various techniques.

High School Art

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Japanese Notan paper cutting. The printmaking class is learning about positive and negative space as they plan their printmaking projects.


Student’s are experiencing printmaking from monoprints to two color linoleum reduction prints.

Big picture

The first step of two color reduction printing. First color print by Shea T.

Two-Color Linoleum Reduction Prints

It is such a joy to teach your students!

1 - 12 Arborbrook Art Teacher