Tea Time Cafeteria

The best food in the U.A.E.

Serving the best tea since 2014

In 2013,Langh Singh came to Abu Dhabi with a dream, a dream that is still here to this day. Singhs dream was to make people happy, so he opened Tea Time Cafeteria. He sold his tea to everyone in Abu Dhabi, and made them all happy, but he isn't done yet. Singh will not stop, until everyone in the world has a smile on their face and a Tea Time cup in their hand. Langh Singh is the hero of Tea Time and his name will live on forever.


Tea Time Cafeteria, located in Tourist club area behind Abu Quhada Baqala.

7th street.

Opposite back side of Kia Motors

Opening Hours: 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Langh only rests when everyone is happy

So will you be coming to Tea Time Cafeteria?

Langh Singh has worked long and hard in order to make Tea Time Cafeteria the best cafeteria out there. Don't let Langh's hard work go to waste because wherever you are, Langh will find you, and he will make you smile.