EDU697 Reflection

April Gonzales


When I graduated from high school in 1991 I received my Associates Degree. Back then, this degree could get your foot in the door of many companies and from there one could work their way up. Times have changed. I knew I would need to further my education. How would I be able to do this with working full time, being a mother of three boys and having a corrections officer husband that worked nights? Ashford was the answer. Ashford allowed me to come home from work, cook, get my husbands lunch packed, run the boys to practices and games, come home for homework, baths and still put the kids to bed. There have been many sleepless nights, long hours and a huge support team on my side!

My Learnings

As a reflection on my EDU697 I shall say it has truly opened my eyes on all that I have learned. Who would have thought through this journey I would use Wiki, blogs and more. I did not even know what a mindmap was! I have learned new theories, new processes and most of all guideance for my future. I can only thank my instructor Dr. Orlando for being so patient with me and my peers for giving me such hope and promise. This class was truly a reflection on the whole program, what we have learned and putting our best foot foward in reviewing the past an presenting updated information to pave the way for the future. Happy Learning!

Why did I do it? For myself but most of all = FAMILY