Deer Mouse

The cutest, fastest natural selection


The Deer Mouse lives in habits like burrows, swamps, soil cracks, debris, and under rocks. Some used to live in the sand. Their fur color varies depending on the habitat. If they live in the sand their color is light brown so they can hid from their predators. Another color is dark brown. Their predators are coyotes, foxes, weasels, mice, owls, and snakes. Their diet is weed seeds in the winter and during the summer they eat small fruits, caterpillars, grasshoppers, and underground fungus.

How it became an example of natural selection-

Deer Mouse are very small and are unable to defend themselves. Therefore, they rely on the color of their skin to escape and hid from their predators. This is an example of natural selection because if they lived in a sandy area the light colored fur is more favorable, which influences who they will mate with to make sure their kids would survive.

Natural Selection Factors-

The Future...

This promises them a better future. This will allow them to live longer in their habitat and produce more.