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Log Into MackinVIA to Access myON eBooks and Lexile Scores

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For the 2020-2021 school year, students will access myON by logging into MackinVIA. A Clever link has been provided for students in MackinVIA.

Instructions on How to Log into Your myON Account

In the address box of your browser, type and search

MackinVIA Website Address:

In the text box labeled School/Library Name, begin to type your school name. As you type, the system will provide your school/library name as a drop-down option. Click on your school/library name once it appears. The system will process the request. An example is provided below.

Big picture

Next, type your school User ID and Password in the designated text boxes. If you do not know your school's User ID and/or Password, obtain them by accessing your Library Google Classroom or email your librarian for assistance.

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Once you log in, find the LINKS button and click on it. It is located on the left-hand side of the screen. An example is provided below.

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Next, locate the Clever icon and click on it.

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The username for your myON account is “psja” + Student ID. The password is your Student ID. Click the Log in button.

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Once you are in your Clever account, click on the myON App to access your account. The myON App is pictured below.

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