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Week of September 16-20

C.R.Y.A.R. Way

Has your student told you about the C.R.Y.A.R. Way? Here at Cryar, we have a set of 5 core values that we want to see each Cat exhibiting. They are:

C-Being Cooperative-being able to easily work with others. This requires give and take.

R-Being Respectful-We are to show respect for others even if they are different from us.

Y-Your Best Self-We want to see each Cat doing his/her very best in ALL that they do!

A-Accepting-Not everyone is going to share your opinion about everything. Be accepting of others and their viewpoints.

R-Responsible-We want every Cat to stop and think before they make a decision. Is this the responsible thing to do?

We will continue to work through these core values all year, along with our Positivity Project character strengths.

Positivity Project

This week at Cryar, we will focus on the character strength, OPENMINDEDNESS. Open-mindedness is the willingness to actively search for evidence that goes against one’s favored beliefs, plans, or goals. Open-minded individuals are able to weigh all evidence fairly, when it is available. They see the other side and fight the tendency to have a bias for their own

views. And, rather than favoring the socially dominant views, they give attention to those that are less dominant.

Kona ICE!

Hey kids! Kona Ice will be here on Friday, September 20th. Get your cool sweet treat during lunch for $3, $4 or $5.

Social Studies Government Project-6th

The Social Studies Government Project begins this week. This is a major grade assignment for 6th grade Social Studies.

Clubs Begin!

It's finally here! This Friday, September 20th is the first day for clubs at Cryar! This means that you will report to your club location during PACK time on Friday! Have fun!

Read for a Better Life- Wednesday, September 18th

The Conroe Independent School District is promoting a culture of reading by calling to action all adults within the Conroe ISD community to devote at least 30 minutes a day to reading aloud to children.
Together we can read for a better life!

Conroe Tiger Football

The Conroe varsity football team has a home game vs. Klein Oak HS on Friday, September 20 @ 7:00 p.m.

2019 Conroe High School Cheerleading Clinic

Eighteenth Annual Conroe High School Cheerleading Clinic

Organized by the CHS Cheerleader Booster Club

Instructed by the 2019-2020 CHS Fighting Tiger Cheer Squads

Saturday, October 19, 2019 Ages: 4 years old - 6th grade

Check in begins at 8:30 am and clinic runs from 9am to 12pm.

Performance Show off at 12 pm Saturday, October 19th AND during the First Quarter of the

Varsity Game on Friday October 25th.

See forms below to sign up!

Car Riders-Please be on Time!

Please be in the car rider line to pick up your student before 4:15. Once the line is clear, students will be moved to the front office. For your convenience, please be prepared to come into the front office to sign out your student and show your ID. This is for student safety.

What's Coming Up....

September 23-6th grade Science CA #1

September 24- 5th ELA CA #1

September 24-5th Math CA

September 27—Cryar Way Assembly @ 9:00am

September 27-Clubs

September 27-Cat Pride Party @ 4:30pm

About Us

Bethany Medford-Principal

Denise Coello-5th Grade Asst.Principal

Carlton Todd-6th Grade Asst. Principal

Amanda Spikes-5th Grade Counselor

Mandy Stewart-6th Grade Counselor