Wire Garden Wall Trellis

On our property there are 3 buildings: our house, a veterinary clinic & an old barn.

We moved in last May and I quickly got to work settling into the house since I was almost 7 months pregnant. So the yard had to wait until this year.

On one part of the clinic there is a large open wall space that was in need of something… but bushes are expensive,

so what could I do on the cheap to fill this wall?

Big image


Minus the fountain… focus on the vines growing on the wall.

I knew I wanted to do something different and this was just the thing!

What you’ll need:

Pencil & Paper


Tape Measure

Decking Screws


Needle nosed pliers with wire clippers

Seeds for the vine of your choice

The first thing I had to do was measure my space and decide how much of it I wanted to cover.

There were about 14 feet between these 2 windows:

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So I decided to do a trellis that would be 10 feet wide and 5 feet tall.

I drew out a plan:

I used a 1’ to 1” ratio because that was easiest.

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Drawing out your trellis is a great thing to do because originally I thought I would run the wire in 1’x 1’ diamonds/squares but when I started to draw it out it looked waaay too busy. Instead I went with 2’x 2’ diamonds/squares.

I drew dots along the perimeter for every 1’ then started to draw in where my wires were going to go. Whenever I hit the perimeter I darkened the dot because that is where I would be placing a screw on the wall. (I hope this is making sense!)

Once I finished my drawing I went outside and started measuring & installing the screws.

(This was pretty quick and easy because our siding was 4” planks so I didn’t have to measure vertically at all. Yay!)

Big image

(If you look closely, the picture above is only the screws.)

Once all of the screws were up, I took the wire and started in the top corner and followed my diagram for where I should go.

For instance, I started in the top left corner, so I wrapped my wire around that screw once to secure it then stretched the wire to the 4th screw from the left and wrapped it around that screw once, then I stretched it up to the top right corner, then used the wire to create the 4 sides of the rectangle on the perimeter.

Big image

(The picture above shows a close-up of one of the screws wrapped with wire once I was done.)

Next I started on the screw that was second from the top on the left and followed it up to the second screw from the left on the perimeter and so on until the whole grid was up on the wall.

Big image

When I finished I planted a row of Morning Glory seeds in the dirt under the new trellis. I knew I wanted an annual vine and morning glories are fast growers.

Big image

When it was all said and done it was much easier done than said.

Funny how that is.

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Above is the trellis as soon as I finished.

Below is the trellis today.

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I chose to plant an annual flowering vine because we spent a good part of the summer pulling invasive Baltic ivy off of a different part of that building. It was not fun. Next summer I would like to use a vine with smaller leaves so that you can see the shape of the trellis a little bit better.