2nd Grade Scoop


President's Day

There will be no school on Monday, February 15th for President's day.

Boosterthon fundraiser

Our Boosterthon kickoff will be held on Wednesday, February 17th. Be on the lookout for fundraiser packets to come home.

Six Flags Read to Succeed

We are approaching the deadline for students to return their Six Flags reading logs. Students who have logged at least 6 hours of reading will receive a free Six Flags ticket. We need these reading logs signed by a parent and turned back in to the homeroom teacher by February 22nd. Please use the link below if you need a new or additional reading log.

Mark Your Calendars..........

2nd grade will have a dance performance on February 23 at 6:00. We hope that you will be here and that your child will participate in the performance.

Techno Expo

Techno Expo will be held on February 25th at 5:30 p.m. Select students will be asked to present a technology piece that they have created this school year.


In math, we have been continuing our learning on the concept of multiplication. Students have been learning how to identify and create arrays that show equal groups.


This week, we have been discussing parts of a plant. We have learned that plants need sunlight, air, water and space to grow. We have learned that the parts of a plant is the seed, roots, stem, leaves, flower stalk, and flower. The leaves make food for the plant.

Readers & Writers Workshop

This week in Reader's Workshop we've been working on identifying character feelings. Not all authors tell us how a character is feeling, so we have to infer using the text clues that the author gives us about how the characters are acting and what they are thinking. We also practiced providing text evidence to support our thinking.

In Writer's Workshop this week, we've taken what we learned about character feelings and applied it to our writing. We tried to use the author's craft of showing, not telling, how characters feel in our personal narratives.

Social Studies

We continued talking about economics this week by discussing goods and services, focusing on service workers and the services they provide for us. We worked on coming up with examples of service workers; then, we discussed what kind of service they provide for us.