Week-At-A-Glance Feb. 29 - Mar. 4

The Minnie Howard Campus of TC Williams HS

Every student succeeds!

An Educator's Quote for the Week...

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Titan-of-the-Week & Minnie Howie Roaming Gnome Award

Titan of the Week:

Titan of the Week is Ms. Pezzulich!!

Ms. Pezzulich was caught rocking her TC Gear this Friday. Thank you for showing your school spirit and Titan Pride!!! Enjoy the Titan of the Week premium parking spot! :)

How can you get the Titan of the Week Upper Lot Award? It is easy! Just wear Titan Gear or college wear on Fridays and your name will be entered into a drawing that morning. Each week in Ms Wood's Week-At-Glance the next week's winner will be announced.


Minnie Howie the Roaming Gnome Award

Goes to... Ms. Caitlin Hall!!

Mr. Thomas passes Minnie Howie the Roaming Gnome Award to Ms. Hall!!!

Mr. Thomas writes...Ms Hall is a first year SpED teacher who uses my classroom for her Titan Time. Each day she works with her students, assisting them in completing classwork from all of their classes. She also helps me with essay writing skills in my classes. Her Titan Time is truly a challenging lot - and she manages them daily with a smile and good morning each day.

Thank you Ms. Hall for being AWESOME!!!

If you were wondering...

What is the Minnie Howie Roaming Gnome Award?

This award gives us another way to recognize and celebrate each other. Minnie Howie is passed on from person to person each week.

What do you do when you receive the Minnie Howie Roaming Gnome Award?

Prominently display the award in your classroom or office. You can even brag a bit and carry Minnie Howie with you when you travel the building.

When and how do you pass Minnie Howie to the next awesome colleague?

At the end of the week, write up a short celebration blurb in which you name the next awardee and share a few things about him/her that you want to recognize and share. Send the blurb to Ms Wood for her Sunday "Week-at-a-Glance." On Monday morning, deliver Minnie Howie to the awardee.

And the cycle continues...

Brought to you by Titans Succeed / Renaissance Committee in appreciation of all that you do to make this a great place to work and learn.

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Feb. 29th: MH SAC Mtg. @ 3:30pm in the Media Center

Mar. 1st: McRel Site Observation Visits

Mar. 2nd: MH ILT Mtg. @ 3:30pm MH Media Center

Mar. 2nd: Rescheduled Date...TC Williams Academic Advisement & Elective Fair

FRIDAY is Titan Pride Day... Wear your Titan Gear!!!

Tutor.com is available for student use...

Please see the Online Tutoring Email sent to teachers! This is a great resource for students to use when you are not around to support.

Use Brain Pop

If you don't know about https://www.brainpop.com/, it is a wealth of short content topic review videos, from Egyptian Mummy-Making, to fracions, to Mitosis, plus short quizzes your class can complete as a group. Check it out!

Username: acps
Password: acps16

If you don't know about https://www.brainpop.com/, it is a wealth of videos on content topics from fractions to contractions to chemical reactions. Check it out!

Mar. 2nd & 3rd Continue...February Data Chats: During Department Mtgs.

The February Data Chats continue this week depending on your department meeting date.

For this month's data chat the admin team will be meeting with the entire department.
Please come prepared with the data needed to share and discuss the following items.

  1. Compare 1st and 2nd quarter assessment data, revisit the reflective practice...What are the strengths demonstrated in the data? What are the weaknesses noted in the data? How can the department collaborate to build upon the demonstrated strengths and reteach the noted weaknesses?

  2. Who are your Tier 1/Tier 2/Tier 3 students (create a chart comparing the 1st & 2nd qrt. grade data for each student in a document as a department).

  3. What interventions will the department use for each of the tier groups?

  4. Were adjustments made to the gradebook based on conversations at end of quarter 1?(formative assessments/grades in each category/mastery vs completion
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Monthly Fire Drills

The monthly fire drills will be random. The team will no longer announce fire drills to ensure we are practicing what needs to happen in the event of a real emergency.

Please remember the following during each drill...
  • Please make sure you instruct all of you classes on the procedures and etiquette for fire drills.

  • Please remember to lead your class out of the room for the fire drill. Once the

    alarm sounds, give quick and concise instructions, name a student to close the door and lead students to the field.

  • Upon re-entry of the building, instruct students to go directly to the class of origin regardless of time and change of periods (attendance should be taken when the entire class has returned to the classroom). In the event of a period change during a drill or an actual emergency, the administrative team will release students via the PA to their next class.

  • Attendance must be taken before, during and after drills and/or emergency situations to ensure all students whereabouts and safety.

We are ONE and as ONE we work together!