Cheetah Wrap Up

Week of May 2nd

The Week That Was...

This was an amazing week as we celebrated Multi-Cultural Week and Staff Appreciation Week.

The party got started last Friday night at our Oscar Party Dance which was a lot of fun! Everyone looked sensational decked out in dressy clothes. The DJ had us up on the dance floor and some of our attendees were able to sing as well. This was our last social event of the school year and it was a great way to end the year.

Multi-Cultural Week is always one of my favorite times of the school year. I love learning more about my students and staff and of other countries and cultures. Many, many thanks to all the families who volunteered to set up displays in the gym on Wednesday afternoon and speak to our students about the country and artifacts they had represented.

We celebrated El Dia de Espanol on Thursday, as we all gathered in the gym and each class got up and explained something they had learned this year in Spanish class. We heard songs, watched dances, learned vocabulary, introduced to famous Latinos (as), and learned about Spanish speaking countries.

Friday morning we were entertained by students, parents, and staff as we were treated to songs and dance from around the world. I am so proud of my students who shared their culture and talents with us and grateful to their families for supporting them. The highlight of the week was certainly our Multi-Cultural Pot Luck Lunch. the diverse food choices was absolutely incredible and we were all able to try foods we may not normally eat. Everything was delicious and again, many,many thanks to all of the families who prepared and donated food-it was thoroughly enjoyed!

Staff Appreciation Week was filled with chocolates, candy, flowers, notes,cards, photos, drinks, and food! Thank you to everyone for making all of us feel so very much appreciated and special!!

Wishing you all a somewhat dry weekend! See you on Monday.



Multi-Cultural Week

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Justin has completed our summer camp calendars so please stop by the summer camp table and pick one up. Justin will be reaching out this week to those of you who have not yet registered for summer camp and or have not turned in their camper week selection form. Summer Camp lesson planning has begun and soon we will order supplies; we need an accurate number of campers to make sure we have enough supplies for everyone!

Coming Up

  • May 8th: Happy Mother's Day
  • May 10th: Formal Uniform Day
  • May 13th: Final Parents Night Out of School Year