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September 4, 2020

My Fair Lady "You Did It" Music Video

We Did It!!!

Great Week! I'm really so proud of us and what we accomplished this week. It was undoubtedly difficult at times, but honestly, what a fantastic week at Lincoln! You may be wondering why the "My Fair Lady" reference above. First, little known fact outside of my family, my father's favorite musical is "My Fair Lady". I watched it a ton as a kid and know almost all the songs by heart. So as I sat to start this newsletter, I could hear in my head the lyrics, "I knew that you could do it and indeed you did!!" While we were not trying to pass off a common flower girl as foreign royalty, we were trying to create a safe and nurturing environment where you can't be within 6 feet of another person, wear a mask all day, and prevent kids from intermingling. You in a pandemic.--much harder than passing off a flower girl for something she isn't. I'm super proud to be working with you all and am so glad that all our hard work, time, and tears paid off affording us a wonderful week with kids! Enjoy your weekend!


We are currently accepting applications for teachers who would like to use the full content in Nearpod as an instructional tool in the 2020-21 school year. We have expanded our number of full-content licenses and are looking for more teachers to take advantage of this powerful feedback tool. We'll contact all selected users with directions on how to set up your account and the next steps for Canvas integration.

To apply, please complete this Google Form (click here)!

PIVOT!!! Change in who is considered a contact.

Please see the document below. We have some changes in who is considered a contact. We will continue keep you updated as things change.

Besides the contact tracing rule change (now 15 minutes), I wanted to add some additional information from the Sullivan County Regional Health Department call yesterday.

Currently we are seeing some slight positives in terms of community spread. Below are some of my notes that the Health Department asked to remind schools:

  • Two things that can make us unstable (more community spread) - holidays, typically a week and half to two weeks after a holiday we get slammed. Also schools are having students in place and Labor Day weekend is here.
  • Mask requirement is the first line of defense. The health department will continue to support our requirement for mask wearing.
  • The most important thing as we move into the holiday weekend, please practice safety, social distance and wear a mask. Avoid large crowds. Health Department asked that we continue to communicate this information to staff, students, and parents.
  • From Dr. May - Complacency is the enemy right now. This was part of a discussion where we must continue to use masks, social distance as possible, conduct hand washing, sanitizing, cleaning, etc. Essentially do not let up on our protocols.

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All - please complete EasyCBM screenings and DRA by September 18th so we can meet on September 22nd for MTSS (New RTI) meetings.

We will have our first MTSS Data Conference day to refine our MTSS groups and to add to them with our new data. Great job this week starting MTSS with many of our students to help fill that gap!

Faculty Meetings

Our first Faculty Meeting will be on September 14th. We will meet in the Auditorium so we are able to social distance from each other. Please remember, that we will have only one faculty meeting a month, because the expectation is that all teachers are attending district sponsored PD at least once a month. This would include grade level collaborative, support PD for HMH, PD on Number Talks, How to give a DRA, and any other topic provided by KCS. We must be up to date with practices within our district. If you are a veteran teacher and haven't attended something to refresh or hone your skills on DRA I would suggest you attend that. Or if you want to get better at number talks--even though you've done them for years--I suggest you go. There is always something new to learn.

Schedule for Faculty Meetings. Unless otherwise stated, held in the auditorium starting at 3:45/3:50 and will last no longer than 5:00.

July 28--N/A

August 10--N/A

September 14--Committee Work

October 12--TBD (Student lead conferences work is a strong possibility)

November 9--TBD

December 14--Staff Holiday Celebration

January 11--Hacking PBL (Intro, Hacks 1-3)

February 8--Hacking PBL (Hacks 4-6)

March 15 (TBD based on state/district timeline)--Testing Training

April 12--Hacking PBL (Hacks 6-10 and conclusion)

May 10--End of year Celebration

Teacher Lunch Coverage Schedule.

Thank you all so much for your help in refining this schedule. It is not perfect, but I think it will allow for some breaks in the day for teachers. There is one team that is carrying this schedule more than anyone and that is our K IAs. We are currently down one IA in 4th grade. Once that person is hired we will be in better shape, but until then, K IAs will need to miss some instructional time in the afternoon to support this schedule. Please thank the K team for really taking one for the whole school. Hopefully this will only be temporary, but to ensure that we didn't disturb RTI/MTSS we had to utilize IAs as best we could.

Here is the link to the schedule

We will start this on TUESDAY--WEEK A

Welcome To Austin

We are very lucky to be supporting a student from DB's Transition School To Work program this year. Austin will be working with our fabulous custodial crew starting next week. His schedule will be Monday & Tuesday 1:15-2:15 AND Thursday & Friday 9:30 to 1:30. He will be here working with a coach to support his work in our building.

Please make sure that you greet Austin if you see him in the halls as he starts his time with us at Lincoln. We are a great school for supporting all individuals big and small as they make their way in this world, and I'm excited to have Austin with us.


Support Staff

  • Please be sure to clock in and out appropriately.
  • Judy Hooker will be doing all Skyward time corrections. Please email her with any needed time clock changes.
  • Support staff can only work over their hours if pre-approved by Jennifer or Suzanne. This will be very limited this year as we now have our KATs in the building that can help support if we have a need. Working over in virtual weeks should not occur.
  • Suzanne will continue to approve time-off requests and approve timesheets. Be sure to submit your timesheet each Friday and have everything submitted in the timeline that Judy has sent out to IA's in previous weeks.


  • We will not be utilizing substitutes while we are in a virtual learning situation.
  • During virtual learning days, if you are unable to work, you will only need to record this in Skyward.
  • Now that students are the building, each teacher is responsible for requesting a substitute by using the Willsub+ website AND entering your time off in Skyward. Both Willsub+ and Skyward are the teacher's responsibility.
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