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Why Choose Us?

There are many difficulties that families face when having to deal with the death, burial, and funeral of a loved one. Why not allow us to assist you with our caring and knowledgeable staff?

Our company and staff are experienced with incorporating different cultural and religious traditions. We know how important and personal these are to you. As noted by Leming and Dickinson (201, p. 326) "[i]n many societies families are involved in preparing the corpse for the funeral ritual; in others, families engage professional funeral directors to handle the job". We are here to help you where you need it most and to support you in your burial and funeral needs.

About your loved ones and you

Families are often left with the difficult choice of should be done with the loved one lost. There are choices that we are here to help with. These are the where, when, and how. There are so many options available when planning a funeral. The common types that we can assist you with are full-service funerals, memorial services, graveside services, direct burial, or direct cremation. As stated by Jason Ropchan (2014, para. 22) "[a]ny of these options are acceptable means of arranging for a loved one's final home. Keep them in mind as you plan for a funeral".

We have worked with many bereaved families and understand how difficult it can be losing a loved one. Our goal is to make the difficult choices during this time easier on you and your family with our personalized funerals and services. Funeral services today are much different than in the past. Personalization is a new trend that we highly support. "The idea of personalization has resulted in an explosion of unique services that reflect the hobbies, passions and interests of someone who has died. Through personalization, funeral services can be more meaningful (Trends in funeral service, 2015)."

Challenges When Planning a Funeral

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Baker College


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