Amazon Rain Forest



Over 25% of natural medicines have been found in rain forest.

There are two types of rain forest tropical and temperate.

There is billions of new species have been found in the rain forest.

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This is from space

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I learned that cutting down wood to get stuff is good but it is bad for us because the trees he us people breath and it is bad for the animals. They use the trees and the forest as three home and it give them there food and water and protects them.

I think that it is important to them because there ancestors and some people find it as a secret land and some people just want to cut it all down and billed some thing new and better and see it all fall.

WWF is an a group who give you facts about the animals or arias that are endangered or just to help support the animals and the wildlife and some places that are in treat to be gone that should stay up for they world to see.