The Life of Badgers

By: Jena Jakubowski


What has a white and black stripes and is a mean animal? you guessed it a Badger.

Their body fetchers

Their fur can be whit and black stripes, ginger brown and ginger red. They have short legs and a short tail. A Badgers first teeth appear when it is a month old. They have pointy ears that are black.

what they eat

Badgers eat cat food and dog food if they can find it. They eat pears, apples and seedless grapes they need to be seedless because they might be allergic. They as well like peanuts, brazil nuts, sugar puffs and peanut butter sandwiches. But probably the most healthiest thing for them is worms because they have protein.

whear badgers live

Did you know that Badgers live in a burrow complexes called setts. They are fond in America Europe and Asia and they are seen in the woods. Badgers also live in grasslands, pastures and fields. Badgers can also live by houses and if they do they would probably live under a tree.


Badgers are a really fun animal to learn about. And if you ever see a Badger remember they can be dangers

info found: kid rex