House for Sale on my 70th

Please Join us for our "House For Sale on My 70th" Party and Concert at 7:00 at UUFC on Saturday, February 20th. I tried unsuccessfully to come up with a catchy title for our gathering, but this was all I could come up with! Briefly, we have been intending for several years to sell our house and move to Greenville to be closer to our sons and grandchildren, for their benefit as well as ours. We now drive back and forth several times a week to either help with transportation or child care for our 3 grandchildren or to attend one of their school or sporting events, and the two-hour round trip between Six Mile and the Five Forks area "way out Woodruff Rd" is wearing on us and our car! There is the added factor of our advancing age and the need to plan proactively for whatever the future may have in store for us. We are so blessed to have such a loving and close-knit family who will be here for us, so it only makes good sense to live closer to them so as to not further burden them if unforeseen needs arise.

We have procrastinated for years about putting our house on the market with numerous excuses, such as the complacency factor (we like our house - it is comfortable & spacious & bright, we've lived in this general area since moving to SC over 30 years ago and we are invested in community, including UUFC) vs. the daunting challenges of preparing for such a move, including the frightening physical tasks of getting our large house and overgrown yard ready to list, compounded with the reality of health problems, numerous major surgeries and a terrible & debilitating accident in 2013, and the list goes on & on. Our children now chuckle at the slightest mention of our selling the house, as our years of false promises and endless excuses have them skeptical that we'll actually follow through. But reality hit in recent months in facing the fact that our youngest grandchild will be starting kindergarten in the fall and her dad (our son Jason, the primary parent in a failed relationship, who works long & crazy hours in restaurant management) cannot manage alone, so we will be needed more than ever. We felt that we needed a target, an actual date for listing the house, as we know first hand how easily good plans go astray. My 70th birthday fit exactly into our time frame, so that gave us a focus, a need to celebrate, and we definitely have much to celebrate, including the fact that the house is officially on the market and that I'm turning 70, after a period of time in which it was doubtful that I'd live that long! We are so blessed in so many ways! There will be beverages & food and lots of fun, including a mini concert by dear longtime friends and UU folk musicians Bill & Lorain Harouff from Staunton, VA. Children are welcome, so you don't have to worry about arranging child care. Gifts are not expected, but if you feel the need to bring something, we'll graciously accept finger food donations for the festivities. So come one and all, and we promise to provide proof that there is a FOR SALE sign in front of our house! All we ask is that you RSVP to so we'll have some idea how many guests to plan for.

Priscilla Phillips