MLB Baseball: Fastball Heat

By: Rushil Balkundi


This presentation has to do with players and the different types of accolades a player can earn throughout his career for stellar performance throughout the regular season.

Baseball Basics

Most of you all know with the game of baseball, there are 4 different bases, where a player hits a hard ball with a stick and tries to touch all 4 bases. This doesn't need to happen in one try. It doesn't matter how many tries it takes. You just need to touch all 4 bases to score a run. Score as much runs as you can, and you can win! But there is a catch. There are fielders that try to stop you from scoring. A stop is called an out. There are 3 outs per inning, and there are usually 9 innings.

Why I Chose This Topic

I've been interested in baseball for a very long time. I've played all the baseball console games, and there was this one mode where I got to create a player and get him promoted to the MLB. At the end of the season, my player won a few accolades. And so that really got me interested into what kind of player can win an accolade. Lots of great players won several awards, and so I wanted to figure out how a player can win awards. And it didn't necessarily stop there. I went and looked at past winners. Winning an award gets you into the history books. No one ever forgets 2012's MVP, or 2013's Silver Slugger. Only the best of the best win awards, and I wanted to study those players

MLB Baseball

The MLB is an organization for a group of professional baseball teams. The teams play all across the United States. For instance, there is a team for Los Angeles, Texas, Atlanta, Seattle, San Francisco, and many more.

Veteran Players

A player that has been in the MLB for more than a year is called a Veteran. These players have a lot more experience, but they have a little less award choices than rookies. Some of baseball's best players right now are veteran players. Most of the players that you've heard about are veteran players right now.

Offensive Awards

Rookie of the Year

While a lot of the awards have to do with players that have been in the MLB for a little longer, the Rookie of the Year award has to do with rookies, or prospects in their first year of the MLB. This award is only to rookies. There are two overall winners, meaning one winner in the AL and one in the NL.

The MVP Award

I'm guessing most people know what MVP means. There's an AL and an NL MVP. The MVP, unlike other awards, is actually based on a vote. So, if you had the chance, you could be voting for players you want for MVP. The 2012 MVP for the AL, was Miguel Cabrera. The 2012 NL MVP was Buster Posey. Both displayed such impressive stats that people kept voting for them.

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Triple Crown

The guy above this, Miguel Cabrera, is extra special. In 2012, he won an award called the Triple Crown. Basically you have to lead the league in home runs, runs batted in, and batting average. The video below shows just how important he is.

ESPN Sunday Night Baseball Commercial - Miguel Cabrera
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All Star Game

The All Star is an accolade with no trophy. Being selected for an All Star team ranks you among one of the best players in the league. Every July, the MLB holds an All Star game, where all of the best players face off. The players for each of the teams are elected by the fans. This years All Star Game was held in Citi Field, the home of the New York Mets. The teams are the leagues. AL and NL. This years winner was the AL.

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The Hank Aaron Award

In 2012, Miguel Cabrera and Buster Posey won the Hank Aaron Award. This award recognizes the best offensive player of each league. And the names should be familiar because they were the 2012 MVP's. The past winner, Jose Bautista, won this award two years in a row (2010-2011)

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The Silver Slugger Award

The Silver Slugger Award recognizes the best hitter at each position for each league. There are a total of 18 players who win Silver Slugger because of the 9 positions and 2 leagues. I'm not going to list all of the names.

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This is the kind of trophy the winners deal with

Defensive Awards

Ever heard the saying "Defense wins championships"? There are even awards for players who flash the leather.

Gold Glove

The Rawlings Gold Glove award recognizes the best defensive player at each position. Like Silver Slugger, there are 18 players in the MLB that win this award.

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Pitching and fielding are important defensive aspects to baseball. The batter's job is to score runs and bring home runs. The pitcher's job is to stop batters from scoring and bring runs from scoring

Cy Young Award

The first award for pitchers is called the Cy Young award. Named after hall of fame starting pitcher Cy Young, this is used to recognize the best pitcher of each league.

Delivery Man of the Year Award

The next award for pitchers is called the Delivery Man of the Year award, and it recognizes the best relief pitcher. This is not split by league, so there is only one winner of all the MLB. That man was Fernando Rodney

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Concluding Prediction

Based off of what I learned, I realized that to win an award for batting, you have to do something that the people will remember. You have to change the game of baseball to the point where teams, players, fans, general managers, coaches, and team managers will remember you. In 2013. Chris Davis hit 53 homeruns. No player has recently done that. He had a great year, and 53 homeruns is something hard to forget. Judging by that level of play, I think this guy could win Silver Slugger for first base, and probably the Hank Aaron award.


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