Respiratory System

By; Sarah Redman and Jordan Sutton

The Main Organs

Lung, heart, and ribs.

Levels of Organization

Blood Cells-

Alveolar Tissue-


Respiratory System-



The respiratory system keeps homeostasis by bringing the right amount of oxygen into the organism and the right amount of carbon dioxide out to keep the organism living. If the carbon dioxide isn't taken out then the organism will perish. Respiratory acidosis will build up in your lungs if there is to much carbon dioxide. You will then suffocate and die.


The Respiratory System works with the Cardiovascular System because the respiratory system gives the heart oxygen so it can pump blood throughout your body.

The Respiratory System also works with the circulatory system because the oxygen from the lungs runs through the blood that streams through your veins. The respiratory system also interacts with the digestive system because as the food is being digested some molecules are pushed into the bloodstream as where the oxygen is being put into the bloodstream as well.