The Lightning Theif

By Rick Riordan


Percy Jackson, a troubled 6th grader who's father left him before he was born. To later find out he was the son of Poseidon, the god of the the seas. Where he goes to a camp where he must train and find a way to get his mother back from Hades the god of the Underworld.

Main antaganist

Luke Castellan is the son of Hermes the messenger of the gods. He is a camp member of camp Half blood. He secretly steals Zeus's lightning bolt and Percy gets framed.


A world were gods live in the crevasses and war is about to be commenced.

Minor Characters

Main Conflict

Percy is framed for stealing Zeus's lightning bolt and need to find it while trying to save his mother from Hades all while a war is about to be declared.


Percy Jackson is a ordinary kid who has trouble in school. He is attending Yancy academy where he takes a field trip where is teacher turns into a demon and he defeats her where she turns into dust . Nobody remembers this teacher but Percy knows something is up. He overhears something between his teacher and his best friend Grover. Later he confronts Grover when he is on his way back to Manhattan because he was kicked out of Yancy academy. He goes home to his step dad and his mother comes home and takes him on a vacation. A storm starts and Grover appears and says they need to leave. A giant Minotaur is chancing him. They leave toward camp half blood wear his mother is kidnapped by Hades. Percy is informed on a war that is about to be declared he needs to fine Zeus's lightning bolt while getting his mother back from Hades. he travels all around the country collecting blue orbs so they could get back from the underworld to save his mother. Each orb they retrieve the need to fight a monster. He gets all the orbs and saves his mother. He then finds the lightning bolt in a shield that his friend gave him.. he is confronted by Luke the one who stole the lightning bolt and defeats him and battle and stops the gods from declaring war.


The theme of this story is that even and ordinary kid can do great things and make a difference.


I would recommend this book to a person who enjoys fiction and novels of adventure and exitment.