By: Lauren Oliver

Cynthia, Mariah

Main Characters

Magdelina/ Lena, Alex.


If people knew her secret, her love for Alex. She would be taken away from that love, and be forced to have the procedure she no longer wanted.


I would suggest this book to people that enjoy a love story but with a twisted ending. Maybe teenagers because their are a few hard vocabulary words and some foul language.

Connection to love

She experiences the feeling of love with Alex, she doesn't want it to go away.


This book is about a town that thinks love is a negative thing, they say it destroys ones life if you fall in love with an invalid. Lena chooses otherwise, she falls in love with an uncured. She hides her love from her family and especially the officers. She has to keep it hidden but not in the wilds, there she can be free. She is running away with Alex and the procedure. Their plan was to live in the wilds, be free and love. Until they got caught and Lina's only choice was to run.