Collins Elementary

Daily BULLetin!

WHO's not here today?

Seilhamer in for Muse
Lauren SchwiererJohann in for C. Black
Gina Ramage in for Haarberg
Maria Pereira (NO SUB- AM)
Jennifer Ensley (NO SUB- PM
Kathleen Russel in for Steedman
Janet Davis in for Tierney
Laila El-Amin in for Abney


Dates on the Horizon... So you're in the KNOW!

4th- Collins Caring Companion breakfast
- Risk Watch Post tests due to FRC
4th- PGP due to Goble!

4th- 2nd grade to Children's Museum 11-2

7th-11th - SPRING BREAK

15th- Full Moon (Fyi)
16th- Testing Faculty Meeting
17th- Family Story Time!
17th- Board of ED meeting (calendar decision? ?? )
23rd- Administrative Professional's Day
24th- Playhouse in the park- K-2 @ 1:45
25th- AR Store
25th- Spring Fling Dance (6-8)
26th- 5K (RA and Collins) Race- for K. Tomas and Redwood! :) Come out and support them!
29th- 3rd grade field trip to the Zoo!


1st- Volunteer Breakfast
Kindergarten Program 7:00 PM
Panoramic Picture (whole school - playground) 10:00 am
2nd- "REMIX" assembly for 3rd- 5th grade (TESTING) 2:30
3rd- Derby Day landscaping 10-2 @ CES
5th- One to One tutoring Breakfast
5th- 9th- Teacher Appreciation Week! We <3 you!
7th- Faculty Meeting- TBD
8th- Kindergarten goes to the ZOO!
9th- K-Prep Medal Assembly w/ 6th graders (PM)

Faculty Meeting- Closing day details!!!! :)

20th- No School
26th- No School - Memorial Day


Assessment Modifications

Tip: Assess EL students according to what they can do rather than what they cannot do.

Standardized tests or even teacher-created tests can’t always measure EL students’ progress accurately or authentically. Instead, measure students by what they can do at any point in time,

Technique: Modify the tests you give.

Avoid test questions asking for discrete information

Make a simplified language version of the test
Simplify instructions
Provide word banks
Give students extra time to complete tests
Give students objective tests: matching, multiple choice, etc. Make all or part of the exam oral.

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