Life before the consititution

By; Brianna Kulich

Life as a banker/merchant

I am a prosperous banker and merchant family in New York. I make most of my money from providing loans to other people and getting paid intrest on those loans. Right now is an upsetting time due to the fact that many state legislatures have been passing laws allowing "debators" to pay their debts in "kinds" with corn, tabacco or whatever they have in value. But there is some good news! I have bought up thousands of dollars of government bonds from people who were given these instead of money when they were soilders during the revolution. I would make a lot of money. This, for a change, is exciting news.

Life as a farmer

I am part of a farming family with a small amount of land in Western Massachusetts. I only grow enough to feed myself and with little leftover to sell in town. Times are rough due to being badly in debt because my crops failed last year and I had to borrow money to buy food and a new plow. To even add on to my rough times I also have been unable to pay my state taxes, which are very high.In desperation me and about 1,000 others decided to take the law into our own hands. This was led by Daniel Shays , an officer in the revolutionary war, I gathered on August 9, 1786 at the couthouse in Northampton. I felt justified in the rebellion because I believe I had no other choice.

Life as a worker

I am a shoemaker in Manchester, New Hampshire. I work in a small shop where I am paid according to the number of shoes I make. Times right now are difficult due to the fact that I had to go into debt for $50 to buy my tools when I went into this line of work, after the revolutionary war ended. In 1786, my state legislature voted to stop issuing paper money. That is a big problem because now there is less money available now and each dollar is worth more than it is. I have heard that some people with problems like mine and have marched on the state legislature with clubs and guns demanding lower taxes and the printing of paper money. Now that there is a talk of writing a new constitution, I'm concerned about how the government will deal with its war debt and rebellions of the debators.