Silberstein News

Setting the Bar


Spring is in the air!!! The rain has definitely sparked the growth of flowers as they begin to blossom!!

With Spring, sometimes we find that students begin to think about all the things that they will be doing in the summer!! They may become disengaged or very wiggly! Please remember that your continuation of high expectations will help to alleviate any of the wiggle room! You set the pace, the energy, the attitude and the expectations! Your students look to you for guidance about how they feel from now until the end!! Let's finish strong! We have another month to go and 2 more testing cycles, ITBS/ Logramos for K-2 and ACP for K-5. Our students need to continue to work hard!
I know that you are all very strong teachers and understand that our sole purpose is to ensure that our students continue to prepare for next year!


A note from our ED, Elizabeth Casas:

Please note, we are moving into the final quarter full speed ahead. Mr. Miles is visiting several schools in each feeder pattern. He has been staying longer periods of time to observe several teachers. The expectation is that every campus is in solid year three of implementation of the four core with lots of engagement and rigor. We are in April and even new teachers should be writing proficient LO and DOLs with multiple MRS throughout the lesson.

High expectations is about insisting on high quality instruction for our students.

I am sharing this to remind us of Core Belief #3 – There is No Excuse for poor quality instruction. We must ensure and inspire strong, effective instruction bell to bell until the last day of school. Our students need every benefit to successfully break the cycle of poverty and compete for the best opportunities in their future.


Please take the time to complete the climate survey!! We are at 13% completion! I am planning on completing mine this after-noon :-)