Childrens Rights

Charlotte's thoughts

10 Children Rights

1. To eat healthy food to keep their body alive

2. To have a good education at school

3. To travel by themselves

4. To be left home alone over the age of 14

5. To prepare their own food over the age of 10

6. To play after they have done their homework

7. To have fun with their pets

8. To have freedom of speech

9. To be able to have healthy hygiene

10. TO HAVE FUN! (That's what children are made for, right?)

Why they are

1. Children should have a healthy diet so they don't have a horrible time living

2. To get a good job

3. To learn what it's like to travel alone and not get scared

4. So they know what to do when they're home alone

5. To learn how to cook

6. To have some fun!

7. To learn what it's like to have a pet

8. To not get nervous when talking

9. So they don't get sick and catch diseases




Lots of children around the world have bad living space, so they should have the right to ask for other countries to deliver them nice nutritious food, And be grateful for who you are, you get nice nutritious food!