Summer Science Project

Aaron Murphy

Fish in the Great Lakes

These are all the fish that are native to Lake Michigan.

The Science to Fishing - Barometric Pressure

The fish can sense a cold front or warm front through their bladders and fish with bigger bladders can sense it faster than fish that have small bladders. Their eating habits also change right before the pressure drops. They start eating aggressively before so that's when fishermen go fishing before fronts come in.

The Science to Fishing - Tackle

The electromagnet radiation we get from the sun affects the color that we humans see but the fish don't get as much radiation down in the water. Once the wavelengths hit the water they almost instantaneously weaken and change color so fish see color that we don't like ultraviolet. So the color of the lure you put in the water is probably not the color the fish see and fish are attracted to certain colors.


Why do fish jump out of water?

Do fish have a sixth sense?

Can fish see the fishing line?

What do all their fins do?

How many eggs do they lay on average?

Gone Fishing

I went fishing this summer with my dad and his friend Doug in Kewaunee. His friend owns a boat docked on Lake Michigan so we go on a fishing trip every summer. We went about halfway through summer. The weather was pretty bad that day too. The waves were pretty big and my dad didn't bring the sea sick medicine so it wasn't a great experience. I did catch two salmon though and my dad caught a Rainbow Trout, but a small one. It was really fun and I'm looking forward to the next trip.

Fish I Caught

Those were the two salmon that I caught, but the funny thing is that the smaller one was harder to catch than the bigger one.

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