Kindergarten Specials

NFS Curriculum Update :: January, 2014


Kindergarten artists will continue to explore materials, use imagination to express themselves and strengthen their motor skills throughout January. They will be learning about the influential African American artist Romare Bearden. Using painting, drawing and a very unique collage technique Bearden was able capture the sights, sound and feelings of the Harlem Renaissance. We will continue to learn to look at, talk about and draw conclusions about art and after seeing many of his unique pieces students will create their own extraordinary creations inspired by this amazing artist.


Kindergarten begins a unit of picture books every child should know. Reading picture book classics provides a common literary knowledge base for the students. Additionally, we often discuss the themes or messages of these stories and how they align with Quaker values.


Happy New Year! The Kindergarten and first grade students are beginning preparations for their show, “Swamped!” which will take place in early March. Please be on the lookout for a letter and script in an upcoming Friday folder.


In Lower School PE we will continue to develop our physical fitness and work on our muscular strength with a focus on core. The class will proceed with our basketball unit with an emphasis on shooting. We will be using size appropriate balls and baskets so students will be able to focus on the proper techniques of shooting a basketball. We will also play large group games like Pilo Polo and Flag Grab. And we will begin to learn the skills of jumping and jumping rope in preparation for our 3rd annual Jump Rope for Heart event in February.


We start the New Year by learning about our sense of hearing. We will recognize our classmates voice with our eyes closed and play Sound Bingo. A moving activity were we pick our favorite sound will make us think about sounds around us. We will learn about what happens if someone can’t hear, and will learn several signs in American Sign Language including our ABC and #1-10. We will conclude hearing by drawing pictures about our favorite sounds and sounds we don’t like. We finish January by exploring our sense of taste, which will continue into February. Students will dip straws in 5 different a liquids and taste it. They will decided if they liked the taste and record the data. We will try all 5 types including umami/savory which is a hard concept to understand.


Happy New Year! In Kindergarten in the month of January we will continue to build on and reinforce all of the vocabulary we’ve learned thus far: colors, numbers (1-20), shapes, body parts, etc. We will use these vocabulary sets to begin to work on asking and answering the basic questions surrounding them. We will add direction words: up and down, left and right, forward and backward, etc. In addition to describing things using color and the words for large and small.