Mrs. Goforth's Class

3rd Grade

A Peek Inside Room 29

Building Community

We have been very busy the past two weeks getting to know one another. I believe learning is a collaborative process so it is of utmost importance for us to become comfortable with one another and learn about who we are as people inside and outside of our classroom. Students have been given numerous opportunities to share out in small groups and in larger group settings. One goal I have for students is to "Speak into the silence" and become more aware of the the way conversations should feel and sound. During the first weeks of school, students participated in several community building activities to strengthen current relationships and build new ones. We will continue to learn ways we can all learn together.

Coming Soon...We will work together to develop and publish our current beliefs about our classroom community.

As Readers...

We have been discussing what we need as readers in order to grow. We have set our expectations for reading workshop and are quickly growing into the structure that will be be present for the remainder of our year together. My readers are able to tell me they should choose books that are a good fit, but we are now working towards living into that belief. Readers have to enjoy and understand what they are reading in order to build stamina and read independently for extended periods of time. Research shows that in order to become a better reader we actually have to READ! WE have already enjoyed many stories together as a class.

Coming soon....We will continue to build reading stamina and endurance during independent reading. We will begin responding to text verbally and in written form.

As Writers...

We have set our expectations for writing workshop and are quickly growing into the this structure as well. We have spent time generating ideas to write about. I have shared many childhood stories with your writers. I love how excited they get when I tell them stories of when I was 8. :) However, for many of our students realizing they have stories to tell is sometimes hard. We have been using various strategies to jog our memories. One strategy we used is sketching a place we love and noticing all the memories we have in that place. We noticed that, unlike a scientist's sketch, these don't have to be as detailed because it's already something we have experienced. The sketches help make our moments come alive and inspire us to write the whole story. This is a favorite part of our day.

Coming Soon...We will continue to build writing stamina and endurance. We will craft personal narratives.

As Mathematicians...

During the first weeks of school we spent time setting expectations and procedures for math workshop. Our first unit of study has been centered around place value and regrouping. First, students took inventory of the supplies in our classroom by grouping in ways that made sense & were easy to count. Our inventory led to learning about comparing and ordering numbers. We are currently working on rounding to the nearest ten and hundred.

Coming Soon... Students will take their first math test on Wednesday, September 21st. Students will be tested on place value through thousands, comparing numbers, and rounding to the nearest ten. Expect a study guide to come home with your child on Monday.

As Scientists...

We have been discovering the different ways scientists observe their environment. We have noticed that sometimes a scientist will use sketching as a way to collect data as well as using detailed notes. We have observed animals in their habitat using zoo cams on the web and short videos on Pebble Go. We will spend time observing the gardens on our school grounds next week.

Coming Soon... We will be studying habitats and how organisms adapt to change in their habitats.

Students will be given a science quiz on September 21st. They will use their science journals to complete this quiz so I will not send home a study guide. Students are responsible for keeping up with the notes we take in class and keeping their journal organized. This should be an easy grade.

Homework & Grading

I believe that students should have the time and freedom to learn and play and grow with their families at home at the end of the school day. That being said, the only consistent homework assignment students will have this year is to read. My goal is for students to read for as long as they are engaged in their book. At this time, students will not have a reading log. Students will share their at home reading experiences during a reflection time each day. In the future, students will be expected to provide a written response related to their at home reading book. I will let you know in advance. Please continue to read to your reader & have them partner read with a sibling/relative/neighbor! It doesn't always have to be independent :)

A few times each week, I ask students to complete a worksheet for fluency practice in math. Students will take content area quizzes/tests as well. I will give spelling/ vocabulary checks each nine weeks. Be sure to check your child's agenda and red folder each night for any additional assignments and information.

You will not see as many grades this first half of the nine weeks as you will for the remainder of the school year. Our focus has been centered on building community and establishing structure within our day. This week, students will take their first REAL test. I will provide more support for this test than usual in order to ease them into test taking. .

As far as grading goes, District 5 has moved over to a ten-point grading scale.

100-90 = A 89-80 = B 79-70 = C 69-60=D below 60= F. I will explain this scale to students tomorrow.

Mark Your Calendar!

9/22 Early Release- students dismissed at 11:40

9/22 Curriculum Night for 3rd-5th 6-7:15 pm

9/22 Pelican's Snowballs Spirit Night 5-8 pm

10/4 Fall Pictures

Bathroom Dilemma

Oh my.....I have been collecting data on how many times my students use the restroom. This sounds silly, but the frequency of bathroom trips and the amount of instructional time lost for some students has raised some concern. Unless your child has a medical condition related to bathroom frequency (please let me know), students will only be able to leave class if it is an emergency. All students will have three planned bathroom opportunities each day. Thank you for your help with this matter.

Update on Special Area Schedule

My class has been split up into different special area classes. This change was made to allow ALL of our fabulous special area teachers to have a daily planning period.

The kids have adapted well to the new schedule. It has actually worked out quite well.

I will email you directly with your child's updated special area schedule. Let me know if you have any questions.


Please remember to check your child's RED FOLDER each night. Many students are returning it still containing the information sent. Thank you!!