Home Design Of The Future


1.) How would you create a "green" environment around your home? which plants would you include in your design? why (hint* Which Biome is your future home located in?)

If I would create a green environment around my home, I would create a pond. With the pond I would create an artificial ecosystem, were reptiles or animals can adapt to. The biome that my future home would be in the “temperate deciduous forest biome” which would be in Mississauga. The plants that I would plant would be shrubs, maple trees, and oak leaves.

2.) What plants would you "farm" in your vegetable garden? why? (hint* native species to Ontario or your chosen Biome) what types of pesticides and fertilizers (if any?) would use in your garden? Are there any you would avoid? Explain.

The plants that I would farm, in my vegetable garden would be tomatoes, in the “temperate deciduous biome” you would have a longer growing season, higher temperatures, has natural fertile soil, and a large amount of precipitation 100 cm/per year. The typed of pesticides that I would use for my vegetable garden would be Eucalyptus oil. I chose pesticides because it came all natural and organic with no harsh chemicals that would damage the vegetation. This pesticides can be made from home. This pesticide are mainly for flies, bees and wasps.

What mode of transportation would you choose to park in your driveway? why?

The mode of transportation that I would choose to park in my drive way would be a bike. I chose a bike for transportation because, helping the world of what human kind have done such as (pollution), becoming fit and reducing fossil fuels (gas). I choose a bike for my everyday use of transportation because of how the earth have been damage by pollution.
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4.) What types of waste management systems would you include in your home design?

The type of waste management systems that would include in my future home would be a recycling bin and a waste bin. This waste management system would be convenient and organised. With the waste (leftovers from dinner, apple peels etc.) I would usually throw most of the waste in the compost bin to create high nutrient soil for farming/planting.

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5.) Which endangered species would your family sponsor at your local zoo?

The endangered species that my family and I would sponsor at my local zoo would be, is the “red panda”. I have chosen the red panda because there are not a lot of pandas in the world. In the southern west of china they have found that there are 10,000 mature red pandas left in the world.

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1.) Research three chemicals found in your home which can be toxic to humans or your pets. Look for some alternatives that could replace theses chemicals with.

1. The 3 house hold chemicals that are highly toxic would be air fresheners, bleach and furniture polish. In the air refreshers they have formaldehyde, and phenol. When phenol touches skin, it can cause it to swell, burn and peel. In bleach it has corrosive, it can irradiate skin and have repertory problems. In most furniture polish it has highly flammable, and can cause skin and lung cancer, easily absorbed through the skin. The alternative for air fresheners are candles, bleach can be changed to oxi-clean and for furniture, it can be replaced with oil.

2.) Choose one of the chemicals and identify the elements which make up this chemical (e.g. oxygen, hydrogen, carbon). please draw the Bohr-Rutherford diagram for your chosen element.

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3.) Which group or chemical family of the periodic table is this chemical located in?

The chemical of carbon is in the periodic table 2. Carbon is a non-metal component

4.) Is your chosen element a metal or non-metal or metalloid?

The element of carbon is a non-metal component and is also a metalloid.

1.) What type of electric energy source will you use for your home? How sustainable is your choice of energy source for future generations?

1. The type of electric energy source that I would use for my home world be electricity that would be ruined my solar panels. This is sustainable for the future generation because, the earths have been polluted worse by year and with solar panels can help out to reduce pollution. The benefits are to save money and saving out natural resources such as burning off fossil fuel to create electricity.

2.) What types of physical structure makes a house more energy efficient? how can you design a home that will reduce wasted energy?

1. The types of physical structure that make a house more energy efficient is solar panels. With solar panels you have unlimited of electricity. The number one source of the solar panels is the sun which is effect because you are not using the world’s resources.

3.) What types of appliances will you choose for your home? Explain hy you have chosen theses appliances? you may want to choose those that have an EnerGuide lab;e or follow the EnergyStar program.

1. The type of appliances that I will choose from energy star would be a power efficient refrigerator, power efficient dish washer. I have chosen these appliances because I use these appliances in my everyday basis, which is mandatory for a family of 6.

4.) What type of light bulbs would you include in your home design? why?

1. The light bulbs that I would include in my future home would be the fluorescent lamps (CFLs). These is Eco-friendly because it uses less electricity than most light bulbs. The florescent light bulbs last long than any other light bulbs, it has a tendency to make the light brighter than any light bulbs. It’s expensive but worth it.

1.) Include at least 2 different types of technology in your future home that has been developed or researched due to space exploration. describe how these technologies were invented.

The two different typed of technology that has been developed or researched due to space exploration are a telescope and blood pressure monitor. The telescope has been invented by Hans Lippershey. Hans Lippershey got the idea for his design after observing two children in his shop holding up two lenses that made a distant of an appearance to the up close sky. The blood pressure monitor was invented by Harvey Williams Cushing. Harvey Williams Cushing is a famous neuron surgeon that have introduces blood pressure measurement to North America. North America have helped spread the use of the blood pressure measurement equipment.

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2.) Will you have a telescope in your home design? which planets would you observe?

In my home design I would have a telescope. The planets that I would observe is Mars and the moon.

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