Spring into Learning

Ms. Tyler's Lifeskills- March

Cooking in Lifeskills

We enjoy tasting new things. The things we cook are very different depending on our lessons. We have made Green Eggs and Ham, frozen juice pops, cake, hot dogs and promise pie. We all really enjoy cooking in life skills. We make cake for Hattels. Hattels are retired teachers from the district. They need cakes made every week for their church. We alternate weeks with Mrs. Clemen's class. We have to wash our hands and put aprons on before we start cooking. After everyone has their hands washed, we assign the steps to the recipe. We have made some delicious foods this month!

By: Michaela Ward

Read Across America

Read Across America began on March 3rd, 1998 by teachers who put this special day together. It is to celebrate reading. The famous author is Dr. Seuss who wrote many books that Adults and kids love to read. On this day, people also make crafts. Kids can make drawings, book covers, and bookmarks. We made our green eggs and ham for this lesson.

By: Ben Lahey

Shop Til You Drop

We like going shopping. We get to go out into the community. We get to look at different prices for things. We shop for different foods each week. Our different places to shop are Target, Walmart, and Hy-Vee. Our favorite place to shop is Target. They have a dollar aisle where we get stuff for our Voc Store. We buy food for our life skills class. There are some lessons that have cooking involved.

By: Darrell Powell

Parent- Teacher Conferences

Our parents get to meet with our teachers. We got to come to conferences too. Our parents and teachers meet to talk about how we are doing in school. Conferences are good for us. They help parents and teachers work together. We talk about things we can improve on like math, reading, writing, and behavior. On top of it, we also get two days off for conferences which was followed by our spring break.

By: Ane Torres- Rogers

Spring Break

We had our last Spring break this year. The new Schedule for next year won’t have a spring. Everyone had a week after conferences. These are some these we did- boys and girls club, baseball, karate, park, library and vacation to Florida. We all came back to school ready to learn. We might miss all those extra days off next year. The cool thing about not having a spring break next year is that we are starting school a little later.

By: Timmy Brandenburg

Dancing Machines

We had our 3rd school dance this month. We were able to dance, play basketball, eat food, play connect four, and get our faces painted. We really liked dancing. Some of us got our faces painted. Teachers played basketball against the students.It was fun to watch. Our last school dance is May 9, 2014. It's not every year that we get four dances. Everyone has a lot of fun, and teachers and Wrigley got to join in with us.

By: Jamie Thill

Skate Country

Ms. Tyler bumped into Michaela Ward at Skate Country this month. There is a cool game that is played every time called Four Corners. Michaela won! This means she received a Class Pass :) The free skate day will be April 19th 10am- Noon. Michaela would like to invite all her friends from Life Skills to join her at her skating party. Entry fee is free, but skate rental will be extra unless you have your own skates! Come join Michaela at Skate Country April 19th.

Skate Country- 5630 Saratoga Road. Asbury, IA 52002. (563)- 556-4224

By: Ms. Tyler