Ellys Birthday Party

Sat. Jan. 30th

Hello :)

So this is the info for the party! if you have any questions text or e-mail me...


We will pick you up on Sat. between 12:00- 12:30. We will head straight to La James after that.

La James

Our appt. is at 1:30-3:30, and we will get our hair nails, and makeup done. Snacks will be served there.


We will stop to shop for a while where ever before heading home. Please bring money if you want anything from the stores or another snack.


We will eat (taco in a bag) if that is good with everyone and hang out. You can spend the night, so ya... We can drop you off before we go to church around 10 on Sun.


If you have any questions, just text or email me. Thanks!