King Midas

The golden touch

Dionysus gave a power to king Midas. It was the power to turn things to gold. He gave the power to him because King Midas helped Dionysus’ teacher. At first it was kind of nice for the king but then it became a curse. Even when he tried to eat all the food he touched turned to gold. He prayed to Dionysus and the god told him to bathe in the river Pactolus. Midas bathed and the touch was gone. But the sands of the river turned to gold too.

This is the interview of Kim Kardashian with King Midas

Kim Kardashian: Hello King Midas.

King Midas: Hello Kim can I help you?

Kim K: Yes I have some questions. How do you turn everything to gold?

King Midas: Well i’m a god so I was given these powers at birth.

Kim K: Do you have any children?

King Midas: Yes, infact I do my daughters name was Zoe which means “life” but she could never go near me or I would turn her to gold. So one day while I was sleeping she touched my arm and turned to solid gold in an instant.

Kim K: Wow... so everything that you touch turns to gold no matter what?

King Midas: Yes no potions or spells could save anyone from it only other gods can save me from it thats how I reversed it.

Kim K: Could you tell me about that?

King Midas: Yes. I prayed to the god Dionysus he told me to bathe in the river of pactolus. I bathed In the river and my gold touch was finally gone. But the sands of the river turned to gold.

Kim K: Wow so you gone thru a lot to get rid of your touch.

King Midas: Well not exactly other god’s made elixirs for me that probably could have worked but if I swallowed them it would turn to gold.

Kim K: Do you have any brothers?

King Midas: No, I have no brothers nor sisters.

Kim K: Who was your father and mother?

King Midas: My parents were Gordias and Kybele.

Kim K: Well that was a waste of time.

King Midas: you’re welcome!