Ottomans & the Mughals

Marquell Dubois & DIondre Watson


Come join us and our leader Osman, also known as 'Ottoman' in our beautiful empire in Anatolia, South Eastern Europe! We will ALSO be taking over North Africa and The Middle East!

1453 is our YEAR!

We will be taking over Constantinople with our mighty and POWERFUL 100,000 foot soldiers and 125 ships in the 1453! Once we have conquered it we will change the name to Istanbul with the leader, Mehmed!

King Babur takes over!

BREAKING NEWS!! Babur, descendant of Genghis Khan, takes the throne at 11 in 1494!

Akbur? or Shah Jahan?

Akbur took the throne in 1560! He then changed his name to Shah Jahan. Shah means KING! Jahan was a patron of the arts who also built beautiful buildings! He then combined both of the names and made Shah Jahan.