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We simply wish to thank and commend the entire 'Health & Wellness' Committee for coordinating such an excellent monthly enrichment day last Friday. Our students heard from guest presenters who spoke about such topics as relationships and sexuality, to smoking, to self-defense. Students even enjoyed some physical activity with a hip-hop class.

Our middle schoolers were involved in Rachel's Challenge, a program which really highlights choices and confronts bullying. Thank you to the middle school team for organizing this activity!

What a great day of learning, outside of the traditional classroom, for all! Again, thank you to the committee and the entire faculty for their commitment and building-wide support!


I certainly hope you all found staff development to be engaging, relevant, and meaningful. I personally want to thank Mr. Meyer, Mr. Lleras, Mrs. Szafranek, and Mr. Hiller for presenting some very useful and engaging classrooms strategies. We only continue to increase our capacity by sharing best practices.

A huge 'thank you' is also in order to Mr. Lutey and Ms. Callahan, form CPC, who provided turn-key training on 'MindUP'. MindUP is a research-based, Common Core aligned training program designed to support improved academic performance while enhancing perspective taking, empathy and kindness as well as fostering complex problem solving skills. Thank you!!

The Best is Yet to Be!

"Northtowns Academy is an alternative setting that provides students new beginnings and second chances. Northtowns Academy focuses on the whole student, allowing every opportunity to achieve goals, ensuring a brighter future, building productive members of society."