For My Dearest Sibling!

Hope all is well :)

For You

Dear My Lovely Brother,

I have received all your letters, and it seems your journey has come along quite nicely. Except for the ship stuck in the ice, I hope you're okay. I pray for your life everyday and that you fulfill what it is your heart yearns for on this trip.

Now, about this man you picked up along the way, are you sure this is someone you should trust? He seems to be hiding something about him deep down, I don't know what it is yet, but do you know everything about him and his character? He better be compassionate, intelligent, and loyal. I figured you would desire a friend along the way, I feel the loneliness from here. You may not be "alone" but you feel it. And I truly miss you so much. I think its a humane gesture to give this man a chance and trust him once he proves himself trustful! If he was stuck on the ice though, does that not make you wonder what he's been through? How he ended up in that very spot?

My advice to you, brother, is that you think things through before you do them. I want to see you again one day when you have completed your destiny. I want to be able to see you, so don't do anything too extreme. I know how much you've wanted to soar the seas. Keep your head up, don't be fooled by anyone, and smile! Your friend has a lot of time to get to know you, and vice-versa! Have an incredibly blissful experience. See you soon!

Your Favorite Sister,