Emily Contreras

What is a Cosmetologist

A Cosmetologists offer their own time to help the costumer look and feel their best by providing services like styling hair, makeup, nails, etc.

What To Know About A Cosmetologist


- All should have a license

- In order to have a license you must complete a set number of training hours during cosmetology school.

-Must graduate from a state approved cosmetology program

-After you've graduated from a program you must take a state licensing exam.


The income is different for every cosmetologist based on their education and experience in the field.

Hourly Rate

$7.55 - $16.36

Hourly Tips

$0.62 - $6.38


$0.79 - $25.53

Total Pay

$15,896 - $46,500


  • Shampooing, conditioning, cutting, trimming, styling, bleaching, tinting and dying hair
  • Perform facial and scalp treatments and makeup analysis
  • Schedule appointments and operate cash registers and receive payments from clients
  • Those who own their own salons might sell hair care products and cosmetics in addition to performing administrative duties like business record keeping, ordering supplies, tracking inventory, and hiring and supervising their employees

About Me

I'm currently a high school student interested in pursuing a career as a cosmetologist. This is my dream job because I enjoy working on people and helping them. Also because I'm very fascinated in the making of a cosmetologist tasks. If it wasn't for tutorials and friends I wouldn't be here talking about cosmetology as a career because they inspired me to do so.
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