Adventures of Huckleberry and Finn

a novel by Mark Twain

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Huckleberry Finn (young Elijah) and Susan Wiks( Laura Bell Bundy):D

Was the novel better or the movie?

I loved the little scene from the movie, it was so cute and childish to have to young Elijah talk back like that. (Helps me prepare for the future for my little boy) I love movies for everything. I personally enjoy reading the novel and seeing how cool it is to have the characters come alive on a screen and you get to hear their voice on what they are to look and sound like.

Summaries of the movie and novel

I feel as if the summaries are very similar although I am shocked that the two would speak like that to each other back in the day. They were very sassy to each other and even though she apologized I feel as if Elijah should've done the same.